The Unavailable Man eBook Series

Do you find yourself more committed to your relationship than your partner?  Are you the one who keeps your relationship going?  Does he take long periods of time to commit to a date? Is he seemingly interested and attentive when he is with you but then cut off when he is not? Does he text rather than long for the sound of your voice? Is he married but separated, unfaithful, distant or does he put his career first therefore putting you last on the list? These are just a few of the signs that you may be involved with an unavailable man.  If this is a repetitive pattern in your life  and you always seem to be in relationships like these, or even if this is your first one-sided partnership, it’s time to break free from relationships that have no substance, meaning or future.

Sirah Vettese, Ph.d. has written three insightful books outlining the steps needed to stop the cycle of attracting the wrong guy and begin your journey to finding true love and a committed, lasting, healthy relationship.  Sirah’s books in “The Unavailable Man” series include:

All three e-books are available for download on Amazon Kindle.  Customers give these books favorable reviews. You can Order yours today through Sirah’s website: