Overwhelmed? Recenter with these fast fixes.

Our continually plugged-in culture can wreak chaos on your spiritual well-being. Get through the hard times by using some of the quick and simple tricks below to unplug and bring yourself back to center:

  • Remember to breathe. When confronted by an overwhelming task, we often take shallow breaths or forget to breathe at all. Deep breaths help calm.
  • Space out your stress. Do not watch the evening news as you rush to prepare dinner. Instead, DVR it so that you can keep up with current events later in the day.
  • Sniff the scent of peppermint. Whether you pop a mint in your mouth or sniff a candle or essential oil, the smell of peppermint soothes your nerves.
  • Snack frequently. By keeping your blood sugar even, you increase impulse control and emotional stability.

In these chaotic times, our psyches are constantly subject to stress. Build a stronger, more resilient center by exercising your soul with The Spiritual Makeover by Sirah Vettese.