Overweight Struggle-How To Find The Right Track


Dear Sirah,

I have been struggling with being overweight my whole life. My partner loves me the way I am but now that I am almost 40, I realize that it is now or never. There are no excuses except my own negative traits that get in the way of sticking to a regime.  What can I do to keep myself on the right track? – JZ


Have you heard the expression, “It’s not what your eating, it’s what’s eating you?” Boredom, sadness, confusion, loneliness and depression can all be part of why it is so hard to stick to a plan.  The key is to keep moving the energy to a better place. You have to love yourself just the way you are in order for new behaviors to take hold.  Change doesn’t come from self-loathing or abuse, it comes from self-love and respect.  If you want to feel more alive, awake and aware then do something to prove to yourself you are committed.  Get a jump start. Anything is possible but you have to put yourself in a place where change can occur.  Join a club, go to a facility for a week, get into walking group, anything to keep moving your dreams along.  Write down your feelings so you are not holding onto toxic thoughts that can hold you back from nurturing yourself in the right way and not with food.  There are a million things to do but remember, you have the power to do anything. Appreciate yourself and act on what you know!  Build your will. Watch what you say about yourself.  Your body hears every word.  Be loving and positive no matter what!