Offering Love To Someone We Have Difficulty With

“Give whatever you give with love, then the tiniest pebble you offer will have great meaning.”

Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

The most valuable gift to someone is love especially when we harbor hurt feelings and betrayal. It truly clears a path to open up to new possibilities in relating to that person. When we harbor ill feelings but offer love anyway, we expand our capacity in all areas if life. We then create a cycle of receiving which in turn assimilates on a higher dimension. A holy man or woman is only that because of a rigorous practice to rid themselves of emotional suffering. These beings are dedicated to lifting others because they realize their potential to love under all circumstances. The Dalai Lama seeks to teach forgiveness and non-violence regardless of the immense suffering of his culture.

We can light the way for more love to flow into the world by extending it to someone who we are challenged by. Perhaps a loving email, voice message or hand written letter would suffice.

It could make your day….and give you a spiritual makeover!

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