The Mighty Power of Change

This month’s theme is change. So I offer you more input on:

The Mighty Power of Change

There is an intoxicating feeling that occurs within us when change happens. There are two sides to it’s power.

In favoring the positive aspects of change we often feel excitement and inspiration. We can even look forward to what might be on the other side of a new development in our lives.

It is a grown up place to welcome change but we need to look past the immediate struggle in favor of the unknown. Faith in a positive outcome is the ticket to happiness and preparing yourself for the space in between.

As Tony Robbins says, “If you’re gonna make a change, your gonna have to operate from a new belief that life happens not to me but for me.”  There has to be room for change or we would not grow.  When you are willing to lose everything to gain yourself the reinvention process takes over.

Having said that the number one problem with change in people is the fear of not having. But when we recognize that the worse case scenario is rarely life threatening,  the learning and discovery that comes with it usually brings a positive outcome.

When we dig deeper beyond reactions like feeling overwhelm, frustration, anxiety and fear the inner light appears. Fear grasps, attacks and clings to what was and clutches what is.

The fear of change brings with it discomfort but is a natural and organic process.

Learning to feel safe is imperative to handling change like a pro.  Finding emotional balance through the process is a necessary tool for getting the most from the situation.

Check in with yourself. Sit down and write a list of feelings that you are experiencing. On a scale of one to ten rate them. Ten being the strongest negative and one the least.

Decide which of these emotions needs to be balanced. It is easy to shove the problem out of your mind but isn’t effective in your overall sense of well being. Emotional balance has nothing to do with happiness. Change brings ups and downs with it. Sometimes you feel thrilled and excited and other times sad and anxious. Stay in the knowing of your experience and learn to cooperate with the emotional truth of your situation. Be honest and open to what is presented and on those bumpy days ask yourself, “Why do I think I can’t be, do or have something more?” Soon, the tides of confusion with shift and your imagery will bring to you exactly what your heart desires out of the change.

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