Making Peace With Chaos

Your friend calls you asking for money to pay the rent and news of poor health. A snow storm comes in causing the schools to close and you don’t have babysitting. Yikes!

There are so many circumstances that cause us stress and suffering. By planning ahead for difficult moments we can program our reaction to be accepting and calm! Realizing that we can’t change what happened but we can embrace the change and flow gently into the process of what cones next. Stillness, deep breathing and stepping back momentarily serve a great purpose in allowing you to make peace.

In a time of chaos, we need to manage priorities and make good decisions to help adjust to changing times. Here are some positive steps to become effective in a time of stress:

1. Decide what you can control today.

2. Determine the order of tasks.

3. Shift priorities and be ok with things being on the back burner.

4. Know what is helpful and hurtful.

5. Make taking care of your body, mind and spirit a priority.

Staying focused and engaged will build your self confidence in a time of real struggle. Taking breaks from the intensity of what is occurring will also give you strength to move your situation forward.