How To Overcome Adversity and Depression


Dear Sirah,

What should I do when I feel depressed and can’t snap out of it? Many people in my family have it and I seem to be genetically disposed to it. Can you shed some light on what might help me get to a better feeling? -GA

The one quote that stays with me is from Mother Theresa who said, “The reason I became a healer is because I knew I had a Hitler inside of me.”


Imagine if she can get over her angry nature by turning into helping others, the same thing would be true for depression. Everywhere we go we have the opportunity to cast spiritual light on someone. Today I went to a blood bank. The technician looked depressed. I said softly and gently, “You seem a little sad.”, as if I was talking to a person I knew well. He looked closely at me and assessed whether he could trust me and answered. Ah, yes. My life is really difficult right now. I asked him to explain. He is a single parent with a 2 hour commute to work every day. He can’t pay his bills at the end of the month and is in a state of high anxiety over how he will manage his life. Somehow in the brief few minutes of our connection, something was lifted. He was stuck in his own shadow and the light was cast on him and he relaxed and even smiled before I left the office.

Shadows are everywhere. We often walk out the door with our own shadow leading the way, depending on what we are thinking and feeling at the time. If we stay stuck in negative thinking and blame others for their shortcomings, staying hurt over what someone said or did to us, feel victimized, what we are doing is hanging out with the shadow instead of the light. All it takes is concern for others to get us tuned to a clear channel. Our walk here on earth plane is what we make it. When we can’t make sense of it, we can make someone’s life brighter by our willingness to step out of our own way and be of service.

May the light you cast on someone else, lift you to a higher dimension and bless you with the recognition of your extraordinary power. You are a perfect, radiant jewel. Take a stand and stand in the light!