How To Gain Wealth


Dear Sirah,

I hear so many people talking about making money fast and all this talk about the secret. There is no secret except that some people are really lucky and fall into a great situation. I want wealth, but what can I do to increase my chances of having it?  -MA


Within every molecule of desire is the potential for wealth. I do not simply mean wealth in money, but wealth in unlimited abundance in love, health, happiness and inner peace. The only thing that keeps us from experiencing success is focusing on negative aspects of our lives and want we don’t have. When we transmute the lack of something into the possibility of something, our mind-set changes and we feel differently. We can be a constant force of moving the discouraged energy and fears- into hopeful, positive possibility. We are made up of energy and vibrations. What we resonate to ourselves and to others holds the possiblity for things to change and move into what we really want. We can invoke within our own thought process the idea of unlimited wealth in all ways.

The key to wealth is “experiencing” wealth, no matter what our circumstances. We always have the choice to do something about our circumstances. That is our good fortune. We have a choice. Our success is a progression of being and doing what makes us feel better. When we focus our intention and attention on trust, risking change, and deep listening, the situation we want to resolve has light shed upon it.

Try this exercise:

  1. Write down nine things you have accomplished in the last year that you are pleased with.
  2. Now document one quality or attribute that contributed to each single accomplishment.
  3. Pause to praise and notice those things you can do and are capable of in achievement.
  4. Now write down only one great change, desire or achievable goal that is your heart’s desire.
  5. Write down five actions that will help you reach that desired goal.

This exercise is uplifting and positive and if you are willing to put forth some effort in thought and deed, it will simply shift your frequency. We all are capable of making things move in a direction of positivity and goodness. It is fulfilling to be in this mindset and to find like-minded friends to share your dreams with.

We expand and grow if we work at this in the most loving place. We contract and lay stagnant if we doubt and focus on our fears.

I welcome you to invoke your own powers.