How To Deal With Rejection


Dear Sirah,

My wife had an affair while I was on the road with my band touring. It devastated me. Our marriage ended. I am crushed, humiliated and more importantly don’t trust myself. I feel so rejected and don’t know what to think about love relationships. How do I deal with my feelings of being rejected for another man and the low self image I am carrying around?  -MB


In my book, “What Happened to the Prince I Married?: Spiritual Healing for a Wounded Relationship” I talk about this same issue from a woman’s perspective. It is a crushing blow to the ego to go through infidelity. It is also hard to see as one of your own life lessons but that is why we are here on earth, to learn and to grow. Your self-esteem has been kicked around and you need to reclaim your dignity. Clearly the relationship was on shaky ground if it is over and you are moving on. Don’t put your whole life in this one incident. Her rejection of you is nothing more than her rejection of herself in the relationship with you. The boundaries were not there for her to make a conscious choice in keeping the love between you sacred and special. She crossed the line. Now you have to feel into all the pain around rejection and know that your relationship with yourself is what has to be in front of everything else. You must fall in love with you. Look in the mirror and adore what you see. Find the courage and strength to rise up to a new level of trust for yourself. What energy you spent with her trying to make it work, comes right back to you and your dreams for love and intimacy. Start again. Press the refresh button. You will live and love again.