The Greatest Lesson of Intimacy

When we have gone through struggles in relationships with our intimate partners, children, siblings, friends or business associates, it is hard to understand our part in things and the role we are playing. Feeling resentful and angry at their behavior is much easier than looking at ourselves in the mirror and being honest about things. We have patterns that are causing us to have the problem in the first place. These traits are an important clue to the ongoing growth of our soul. They offer us a huge range of discovery into our deepest longings to love and be loved. Maturing and wisdom cannot come without reflection, intention and direction.

To give you an idea of how powerful the shift can be, here are a few questions to answer honestly:

Are you enabling? Are you passive and uncommunicative? Do you lack assertiveness and boundaries? Is there a fear of conflict and avoiding pain at all costs? Do you overdo for others in hope they will love you in return? Do you get triggered and angry when dealing with certain individuals?

For every one of these issues there is a core wound being activated. It may take years to own a pattern and then it takes courage to want to clean things up. Having intimacy with oneself is the most rewarding gift  to bestow. It will feed your happiness and peace of mind because you have uncovered your own life story.

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