Going Out of My Mind!!!

When our thinking-mind loses control and can’t discern what really matters in life we go off the right road and end up wasting a lot of time trying to “figure things out”. In fact, we lose a sense of self in that process and go down railroad tracks that lead to nowhere.

Life is a learning curve that takes us on a journey from a beginner’s awareness filled with negative patterns and behavior. The icy chill of depression can send us into a tail spin emotionally where we go deeper and deeper into darkness. ¬†We long to find the innocence within ourselves and strive to be content and peaceful. As true in-depth psychology would teach us, we adopt a pattern that was taught to us or rebel against it. There are hundreds and hundreds in our personality matrix to balance, forgive and heal.

For some of us being vulnerable, open, accepting, and fully present is a difficult practice and one that must be cultivated over and over again. The thinking mind has a lot to do with how successful we are at living in the moment and being free from suffering.

All the books, software, lessons and teachers that espouse holistic living are not going to help if we don’t do the work to re-set the mind. The judgments, expectations and criticism that are in the way will keep us from the capacity to Love the self without limitations and conditions.

One thing is for sure, the security blanket of the intellect can be a blessing or a curse. There are no wrong ways of thinking only your way and your way is the right way unless you are a psychopath or a criminal with malicious intent.  However you look at it, emotional freedom comes from self love and acceptance and most people struggle with exactly what this is.

A supporting and uplifting feeling comes from just loving what you have and what is present in your life, no matter how difficult it is. The mind can be retrained to shift from negative to positive but it takes work and effort. The commitment to be a positive thinker can have lasting effects and allow people in our lives to come closer to us. We have more intimacy when we are positive and direct our thoughts to think safe, loving and happy thoughts.

An example of positive thinking was a friend who was dying of cancer named Judy. She held herself in dignity all the way through her last days. She would not allow negative thinking or any negative conversation. Judy kept a positive spin on death by embracing every moment of life. With tubes sticking out of her, pain all through her body, mental fogginess, and being fed only liquids she kept her dignity. It was her commitment to keep her mind clear and focused on uplifting thoughts until her last breath, never complaining, never talking about how hard the treatment was and never allowing the end of her life to be dark and miserable. As a result, when I think of her it is with happiness and peace filling my heart. Her gift was the grace in her personality that she carried until it was over.

The black hole of dense thoughts leading nowhere can take our breath away and fill us with darkness. Or, the positive flow of compassion that radiates from the heart is an essential, affirmative energy form that brings aliveness and joy to the surface. We then take ownership of our true and authentic selves. Our liberating reality is in the now and present moment!

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