Getting Over Him

Women; we’ve all been there.  Your man has become closed off from you.  He’s distant, short-tempered, uncommunicative, and perhaps even unfaithful.  You may love him, but it’s time to say goodbye. Your next step, for your own health and well-being, is to get over him.

But it’s a task easier said than done.  Affairs of the heart take time and a commitment to heal the deeper wounds associated with this pattern. Luckily, Sirah Vettese is here to help.  This book is one of a series by Sirah Vettese.

There are voices and conversations we have with ourselves that keep us from acting on what we know to be true. We have carried these messages through periods of self imposed shame and pain. This book helps you understand your personal right to let go and move forward. Even in extremely difficult and stressful circumstances you need the strength to set boundaries and take care of yourself. These simple tools will guide you to a better place and encourage a breakthrough and break-free experience. Sirah draws from her years of experience as a counselor as well as her personal journey.

This volume is available in kindle edition, and an affordable guide to get started on making a change for good. If you simply don’t know where to turn, try here first.