Are you Ready to Find the Right Guy?

You deserve a partner who is loving, ever-present in his relationship with you, and (overall) emotionally mature and available.  Finding that someone, however, can feel like a pipe dream and unattainable. If you have reached the end of your rope and you’re completely down on the dating scene, you should consider Sirah Vettese’s work as your own personal how-to guide.

Vettese’s volumes are available on kindle, and are filled with fabulous tools and exercises to help life the veil of defeat.  If you’re not certain which patterns of your own you need to break in order to stop attracting the wrong guy, you should give this book a read.  Behavioral patterns in the people around you can reveal things about yourself, and in the case of attracting a mate these patterns can lead to long-term fulfillment in your own relationships.  Dating is a lot of work; why put in that time investment if you’re not getting great results?

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