Sirah Vettese’s New Skype Coaching Program

Sooner or later as we struggle to reach the pinnacle of success in our chosen fields of endeavor, we all can use some kind of support system to help get us to our destination.

Sirah Vettese uses her unique insights into coaching successful executives, musicians and world leaders has come up with a new approach to coaching…using of all things Skype.

Sirah Vettese has come up with a program to help anyone who is in need of a personal coach have that opportunity on their own schedule, thus eliminating the usual excuses of not having anytime what-so-ever to experience the benefits of one on one personal coaching from a professional.

A few of the things you can expect to take away from a personal Skype coaching session with Sirah Vettese are:

  • emotional well being
  • self acceptance
  • self- assurance
  • Creating new visions a step at a time

Sirah Vettese also has a book called Spiritual Makeover: Ten Practices for Falling in Love with Your Life. This book is available on her website and you have the option of downloading it as a PDF document or as an audio book that you can listen to on any MP3 device or i-Pod.

If it’s time for you to change your life, then why not find out what a personal coach can do for you and your dreams by contacting Sirah Vettese today.