The Courage to Go In Between All That Is!

sunset over seaYou can call God the Divine, Source Power, Higher Being, but I feel most comfortable with All That Is!

In India on my 30 day silent retreat, many hours were spent feeling into the resonance of love that can be felt in between the lines of every-day thought and experience. It was like an ongoing meditation and prayerful practice that was meant to ward off distraction from tapping the stillness of the universe.

A friend sent me this wonderful quote this week:

There are places in this world that are neither here nor there, neither up nor down, neither real nor imaginary.  These are the in-between places, difficult to find and even more challenging to sustain.  Yet they are the most fruitful places of all.  For in these liminal narrows a kind of life takes place that is out of the ordinary, creative, and once in a while genuinely magical.                     —–Thomas Moore “Neither here or there”

What is this energy that floats out there and in us? If we learn to call upon it in meditation, quietude, prayer or communion, it will definitely show up. We can have that moment with others as well in communal prayer or chanting. You don’t have to be religious to have those moments. It really has nothing to do with religion. Feeling the pause of now, the sweetness of joy in your heart and stopping to acknowledge, “I exist” in this moment brings a sense of well being, inner calm and even contentment.

Sometimes when you least expect it a sense of morality and hope will show up. With the hardships of everyday life a sense of connection can lift us up to feel differently. Perhaps we can be kinder to ourselves and diminish those harsh voices that run like a train through our brain causing more pain than good.

Since this is a season with holiday celebrations in many hopes, set aside some time to experience the wondrous joy of living. Take in a sunset, sit on a park bench and pause, just relax your mind and be free.

Instead of looking for meaning and purpose, take yourself to a place where no answers are necessary, only snippets of nature and the beauty of life around you matter. As Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel would announce in his lecture, “A miracle just happened.” Everyone would wait in anticipation of what that might be, he would tell the class, “The sun set.”

All blessings to you in this moment of remembering who you are.

Happy Holidays, Passover and Easter and the celebration of spring,

Sirah Vettese, Ph.D.

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