Connecting mind, body and soul through the practice of yoga.

There is something very powerful about taking time out of your busy day to connect with your body and to calm your mind. This powerful connection can be found through the practice of yoga. The practice of leaving everything on the mat, at least once a day, is also extremely good for the soul.

When one begins the life long and enlightening experience of practicing yoga things will never be the same again. In Sirah Vettese’s new book Spiritual Makeover, she speaks on just that. Giving you the guidance and showing you the tools you’ll need for this life changing experience.

Sirah is based in Santa Monica, CA and is able to offer many of her services online to reach people all over the world. You can connect with Sirah one-on-one via Skype, access her 10 lesson online course or even access an audio book version of Spiritual Makeover. If you are looking for that breakthrough in your life Sirah Vettese is ready to help you reach it and see you come out the other side a new person.