Why Do I Keep Attracting the Wrong Guy?

Have you ever wondered why the relationships you get into are with someone who does not offer you what your deepest heart longs for? it is that you’re always the rejectee and not the rejecter?  Are you worried that you pour too much into relationships, and perhaps you’re missing some social queue about how serious is “serious”?  Have you been in a series of give-too-much flings and you’re ready for some return on your investment? Are you ready to engage with yourself in a way that will alleviate the pain and suffering of not getting what you want?

Take a moment to check out The Unavailable Man Series via Amazon and Kindle.  Sirah Vettese’s work is accessible and designed to help you understand how to deal with a partner that is unavailable and achieve better, more fulfilling relationships.  If you wish that your partner came with an instruction manual, look no further.  There are patterns in your own behavior that you can identify and change with the help of an expert.

Self-educating about the fulfilling relationships is a keen way to learn and grow.  Whatever challenge you are experiencing you have the power to reclaim your personal power and joyfully live the life of your dreams. If this is what you want then these books are the answer.

For more information on Sirah Vettese or how to Stop Attracting the Wrong Guy check out Vettese on Amazon or her website.